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Check point: dedicato a chi fugge la città

Check Point, Notes on artwork:

I’m going there in. The city takes my sizes while I’m slipping into without papers.
Circular flowing involves arteries, channels, barriers,
padlocks, networks, armoured glass, obligatory lanes.
Buildings reflect my profile…. The city now stops me blocking my
path… I am still: I look left and right, behind me
I feel a fluttering, the air moves, I dither.
But I’m not overwhelmed… The clerk don’t say
hello, I take the change, put my ticket on, than I leave again.
I warily walk on the white drawings of grey asphalt..
A scream if I bump, a push, a spit if I stop…
I Follow rhythm and flow. I move on: a silent clock looks at me
with his single eye, scans my look, I open my
mouth and it gives a score to my teeth, quotes my references,
while I’m turning round it rummages with bluish rays, I hear,
it’s ticking. I know that sooner or later it will raise its rigid
arms until the peak, the blessing, the time
where both at the top they will indicate, in a blaze of steel,
alleluia, the end of the day. Then, in the
darkness , I will go out, the desert awaits me.

Francesca Palazzi Arduini on “Check Point”, collage, 2010
Saverio Feligini.

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